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Phishing Awareness Training

PCCC’s research protects over 30% of the internet today and we’ve been battling spammers, phishers, and bad actors since 1996.  Our training is interactive, engaging, and effective.  It is custom designed for each client including materials to cover social media awareness, general security tips, and company/sector specific materials.

IT Administrator

IT Administrator & Cyber Security Practicum

PCCC has worked in tandem with The McGrail Foundation to develop a robust curriculum to educate future IT Administrators and Cyber Security Professionals. This training includes interactive methods to encourage constant feedback while teaching basic networking principles along with scripting and SaaS concepts.

IT Manager

IT Manager Training

Having problems with your IT support?  PCCC can provide practical and inspirational training to build cohesive, effective support teams within your organization.  Give your support team the tools they need so your company can focus on what they do best.

email administration training

Email Administration Training

Designed to provide a foundation for administrators in email and email security standards.  Learn to be fluent with email concepts including MUA, MDA, MSA, MTA, Ports, DKIM, DMARC, SPF, MX, DSN, Backscatter, RBL, C+R, SMTP, RFCs, and much more.

Email Deliverability Assistance

Email Deliverability Assistance

Help with mail setup, mail migration, mail security, mail deliverability, remediation assistance including things like helping sales know what they can’t do, and training for phishing awareness.

Cyber Sales Training1

Cyber Sales Training

Sales has evolved from handshake deals to service providers and clients connecting virtually.  PCCC’s cyber sales training is a field-proven method to connect and drive higher value interactions with your prospects leading to better results for both parties.

Our Training Philosophy


PCCC provides personalized training that targets your organization’s issues and needs.  Our training is always up to date and leverages our extensive catalog of materials for custom training at competitive rates.


Training can be boring.  Organizations love PCCC’s mix of great course materials, topics ripped from the headlines, humor, and hands-on exercises which improve attendee attention and satisfaction.


Audience participation is key to keeping things interesting and constantly gauging the level of comprehension for key topics.  PCCC uses interactive methods to encourage constant feedback.

Training Reviews

Phishing Training Pricing

Our focus is on clearly educating users, making them aware of threats, understand the psychology of attacks, how to escalate issues, and how to work together to improve the cyber posture of the organization. We do not do phishing testing and believe this is insulting to users, makes users over-confident, and simply proves you have a problem. All companies have a problem and training is key! Training sessions can be recorded and used for internal purposes only.

Lunch Training

1 Session

    • A casual lunch & learn for all technical levels of users.
    • Remote session hosted on Google Meet or Zoom (customer's preference)
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Customized Training

2 Sessions

    • Customized training with 1 session for users and 1 session for management.
    • Ideal for companies that have had a recent event and want the training tailored to a specific threat.
    • Remote session hosted on Google Meet or Zoom (customer's preference)
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Live Training

All Day Onsite Training

    • Onsite speaking at client's corporate office, town hall, chamber of commerce, trade conference, etc.
    • Speaker can work with client to provide marketing spin for their company.
    • 1 year phishing hotline service Typical schedule is as follows:
      9AM - User Session 1
      10:15AM to 12PM - Admin Session 1
      12:30PM to 2PM - Executive Session
      2PM to 3:30PM - Admin Session 2
      3:45PM to 4:45PM - User Session 2
      5PM to 6PM - Break 6PM to 8PM - Event Session
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