How Billing Works

A quick guide to how and what you will be billed for with your Raptor Email Security service

how billing works

Per Domain Vs Per User

PCCC provides 2 subscription models for Raptor Email Security

Per Domain Pricing
  • Per domain pricing is only available for cPanel Servers.
  • Each domain can have unlimited email accounts.
  • cPanel servers with greater than 100 domains will be billed at $3.50 per domain.
Only 1 Domain
$15 / month
per server
Up to 5 Domains
$30 / month
per server
Up to 30 Domains
$150 /month
per server
Up to 100 Domains
$450 /month
per server
Per User Pricing
  • Per user pricing is available for:
    Google WorkSpace, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, Exim, Zimbra, KerioConnect, Sendmail, FTGate, & Postfix.
  • A “user” is equal to 1 email account.
  • Each user in a 10-pack must be used on the same domain.
10 users for
1 domain
$30 / month
per domain
10 additional users for
1 domain
$30 / month
per domain

Users Excluded From Billing

PCCC includes several administrative email accounts at no additional cost with your Raptor Email Security subscription. This may affect your user totals but it is to ensure that you are billed accurately!
  • abuse@
  • administrator@
  • admin@
  • allusers@
  • dmarc@
  • do-not-reply@
  • donotreply@
  • no-reply@
  • postmaster@
  • root@
  • sbsadmin@
  • spam@ 

Additional Charges

Per Domain Model

  • a Catch-All account has an extra charge of $3.00 per Domain per Server per Month

  • a Mailing List account has an extra charge of $3.00 per Domain per Server per Month

Per User Model

  • a Catch-All account is equivalent to 10 Users which equals $30 per month.

  • a Mailing List account is equivalent to 11 Users which equals $33 per month.

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